Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Homeward Bound?

Thank you all for your kind words of comfort in the wake of my television tragedy. The good news is that later Christmas day, we discovered that if we smacked it as hard as possible, or dropped it two inches, the picture would come back on. Fortunately, Dad and Mom got the hint, and picked up a 24" Sanyo flatscreen for under $200. Did I mention that Star Wars in w i d e s c r e e n rocks my world?

Oh, yes, regarding the title. Tomorrow, at4:45 p.m., EST, my plane, God willing, will land in Louisville. It's weird, being so happy to go back to Louisville. Don't get me wrong: I love my family and friends here dearly. There's something about the charm of a small rural town, and it looked so gorgeous this afternoon as we began the trip down to mountain. (A few inches of snow will make any town look good.) But the truth is, I'm stoked to go back. At least for the time being, God seems to have made Louisville my primary theater of spiritual battle. Not that it's indentured service either. Part of the reason I'm so stoked is because of the great friends God's given me. Seriously, I have a freakin herd of brothers and sisters who encourage me and challenge me and shower me with love. Another part is found in the ministry opportunites I have. I help in the youth program at my church and God's brought me into many areas of service and leadership at Boyce, one of which just came about in the past few days. My classes should be awesome as well, although I know they won't be easy.

Martyr Jim Elliot once said, "Wherever you go, be all there." I guess that's how I feel with this. It's a bittersweet existence, this bifurcated life of mine. And I know that eventually, one side will have to win out. Growing up takes no prisnors. But hey, here's to a new semester with new prospects, new hopes, new dreams, and new evidences of God at work. I once heard Erwin McManus preach a sermon about how the center of God's will is a dangerous place to be. With that in mind, here's to a dangerous new year.


At 6:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, it's me, ANONYMOUS. haha, just kidding. i don't have an account so i'm commenting AS anonymous, but really, i'm katherine, aka jeditrixter. heh. well, sorry about your tv. my cousin broke his tv a few weeks ago and before they had their new years party, they bought a friggin 60 something inch plasma screen tv. the jealousy.....but, yes. STAR WARS WIDESCREEN RULES!!! it was rated the no. 1 dvd of 2004 by enterainment magazine. pretty awesome. so is the 2 hour long documentary. god bless & mtfbwy. ;)


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