Friday, March 11, 2011

Live! From the Holy of Holies

I am writing this brief post from inside the Apple Store, Oxmoor Mall, Louisville, Kentucky, year of our Lord, Steve Jobs, 2011.  I have stood in line with a friend, who shall be nameless but not linkless, as he waited to enter the Holy of Holies (the aforementioned Apple Store) to buy the iPad 2.  We got here at 3:15, I left for a meeting at 3:50, returned at 5:30, and now it is 7:00 pm and after hours in line, he is paying for his iPad.  It truly is a marvelous toy er, tool, and I know he will put it to good use.

I was struck that many of my line-mates had bought the first iPad, just over a year ago, and now, they were back for more. By the time we were 30 minutes from the door, though, we found out that they were out of the AT&T 3G models, and dejected, they left.  As my friend was here for the bare-bones model, we kept waiting, with hope and expectancy.  Soon, we came to Temple Gates, and the Levite, Jason Spencer, made small talk with us.  We realized that if we had brought him a latte from Quills, we might have been able to bribe him.  However, the latte would have been very cold by now, so it's just as well.

I love my Apple products quite a bit, but it truly is remarkable to see this many people wait to dutifully fork over this much money for an attempt at happiness.  However the Apostle of God, Steve Jobs (peace and blessings of God be upon him), has promised us that this "magic" can be ours for a starting price of $499.  Allah ackbar!

It's funny how good things become God things so greatly. God tells us to subdue the earth, and we have truly made some fantastic machines.  However, we've also made some amazing idols as well.  Wisdom dictates that we use them in an open hand.

That said, I want an iPad 2 for my birthday.

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At 3:33 PM , Anonymous Julie said...

Seriously? I don't see what the appeal is in the ipad. It's just a bulky iphone that doesn't make calls or an annoyingly ineffective computer.


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