Monday, January 24, 2005

Louder Still

I love Dorm Meeting. It brings a strong sense of unity and ownership for the students of Boyce College. (As a sidenote, I know the difference between unity and uniformity, explained as follows.) It brings unity in the sense that we, all of different backgrounds, can come together and sing songs of worship and praise to the Almighty Creator. It gives us ownership in the fact that we get to be intimately involved in the production of it, whether through being in the band, giving a testimony or devotion, or even running Media Shout. And especially, we all get to join in through worshipping in the way that seems best to us and God.

Tonight was the first night of DM this semester. More so then normally tonight, it was big, passionate, and awesome. As we sang songs of the Lord's great renown, His Passion, His exalted state, and so on, I just felt the need to yell the words at the top of my voice. It didn't feel write to approach the Lord with anything but a sacrifice, and for me, that sacrifice was a pair of sore vocal cords. At least, my sacrifice was sore vocal cords for the evening. Tomorrow's sunrise will necessitate another offering, one of free will, and I can't think of anything better then everything. Father, help me to open my hands.


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