Sunday, August 14, 2005

The End of the World As We Know It

The labors of an entire week have at last produced fruit. Boyce new student move in/orientation is finished, done, over. Today will indeed be a day of rest, and tomorrow, classes will start again.

So then, let us drink a toast, shall we? To the end of the Boyce we knew and loved, and to the birth of a Boyce that we may love all the more. Things have changed forever, with the entry of 181 new students and re-admits. My dorm hall has room for 30 or so guys, and only ten of those have been here at Boyce before. It's almost intoxicating, how open the future is.

As Christians, we always have hope. We can hope in God, in Jesus, in the Spirit, but that hope is often hard to come buy. I had a hard time feeling it over the summer, for instance, but that doesn't make it any less real. But right now is my focus tonight. Right now, I can FEEL that hope because it has intoxicated me. Maybe I should say it has sobered me. I know see the reality of existence, that even in the depths of darkness, the hope and promise remains that our Jesus will prevail for us.

"To Boyce College, and the God it glorifies. May the days ahead of you be filled with joy in all circumstances, prayer without ceasing, and an overflow of all God's gifts. Wherever He might lead, may you follow in service. Whatever He asks of you, may you be empowered to do it. And most of all, may you constanly gaze on the face of our Lord Jesus Christ and experience His nearness always. May you remember this: Hope has a place, because hope has a face. He looks on you with amazing grace."



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