Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Part Four

Well, my conscience is definitely weighed down right now. I said some things to someone close to me that were out of frustration and anger. He said he forgived me, but he still sounded mad. Such is the result of an untamed tongue. Oh well, onto what I hope you've all been waiting for (b/c I want to share my life wth you), my daily update on the English Camp in Jhutien.

Things have definitely started to click at the camp. I'm getting the hang of things for sure, and I'm hoping things continue to go this way. The kids are starting to get used to us to. More exciting than that, though, is the hope and dream of any missions team: A person got saved today.

The new believer's name is Nina, and she's been working as a translator, mostly with my Dad. She told the person who led her to the Lord, a local named Jany, that she saw the impact made on our lifes, specifically "that this religion was different than other religions. Notice that she didn't see our good English, our good skills, our good whatever, and definitely our loud protesting at some abortion clinic, or something. She saw a Jesus lived out. Although the opportunity was there, someone had to take it, and Jany was that someone. She has such a love for Jesus, and she loved Him enough to obey what He said.

On a sadder note, on the way back from the school at we saw a tradition funeral on the roadside. The family members were dressed in the robes of Chinese gods, and a man was walking around with an incense censer. Earlier this evening, I walked past the awnings where this funeral had been held, the incense in still heavy. Suddenly, it hit me. This funeral was for a person who was currently in Hell. One had been saved today, and the family of another had unknowingly commerated their beloved's eternal damnation. One saved. One lost. One lost. One lost. One lost. How manyt times do we have to read that before it hits us? Lost. Damned. Burning in Hell. Weeping. Knashing of Teeth. Lost.

Please continue to pray for the Hakka and for us as well. Please lift up a girl named Peggy, specifically. She is my translator in the morining, and I'm not sure if she's saved or not. I do know that she's one of the sweetest nicest folks I've ever met. Please pray that God will open doors, and that we will be enboldened to walk through them.


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