Monday, June 19, 2006

489: Sleepless

I slept for about 2 hours last night, and after I woke up, I could not get back to sleep. It was a weird, uneasy, restlessness. Waking up was like sleep walking, or something equally half-conscious. And so, after trying to fight it, I decided just to stay up. I watched Spain tie Tunisia at the 70 minute mark, and then proceed to take the lead at 78 minute mark, and rub salt into the wounds by converting a penalty kick into their third point.

After the game, a commerical played. In the commerical, a man sits at an easel with a pencil in hand, sketching a man who's very countenance is composed in serenity. From the sketch, he proceeds to fashion a clay model in the image of the sketch, that of a man meditating: legs crossed, eyes closed, hands held so as to testify to his Buddhahood. From the model of the Buddha, a cast is made and then filled with molten metal. Once freed from the cast, a shining image of the Lord Buddha is brought to a temple where he is adored by the worshippers, who bow to it out of respect and place small leafs of gold on it, as an offering to make merit.

The commercial could have been ripped straight from Scripture, as the sight of humamity crafting the object of their reverence, immediately drew my mind to the passage of Scripture (Isaiah, I believe) in which the craftsman takes a strong piece of wood, carves it into a god, and proceeds to burn the unused portions as fuel.

Sleep's been something that hasn't come as easily as it does in the states. I wake up a lot; dreams are often disturbing, and have been terrifying. I can't help but wonder what role the spiritual dimension has, but their are more important things to consider, namely, how to follow Christ in a country where few do, and how to testify to His grace in a way that will be understood. If I slept like a rock everynight, but did not accomplish anything, would good would that be?

No good.


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