Tuesday, July 04, 2006

489: Fantastic Fourth

Independence Day draws to a close in Thailand. It has been pretty busy here, as we did ESL at two schools today, teaching hundreds of children, but more importantly, sharing testimonies, telling the story of Creation, and giving out evangelistic materials. We did a bit of culture exchange too, as we sang our national anthem for them, and they sang their national anthem for us.

We celebrated the holiday this evening at the house of an IMB family that lives here in Nakhon Sawan. Their kids had made some star-spangled decorations and just enjoyed the chance to sit a rest a bit. (Grape soda really made it seem like home.)

Upon returning to the hotel, we made "fireworks" by dropping Mentos into Diet Coke 20 oz. bottles that had a hole bored in their lid. The Mentos were tied to a string and the string went through the hole. When the strings were released, the marriage of Mento and Coke produced a baby of abundant fizz, which propelled up through the hole in the lid in a fountain spurt. "Thunder over Louisville" it wasn't, but fun it was.

Tomorrow morning we get to get up a bit earlier than usual, which was still early, as we are going to meet an important government official and the Virginians are going to present him with the key to their city. So, I get to bust out with a tie for the first and hopefully last time tomorrow. It's not that I don't like ties, it's just stickier than maple syrup here, and hotter than a waffle iron.


At 1:38 AM , Blogger michael said...

hhmm, we should try this once you're back.


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