Saturday, July 01, 2006

489: D.L.

It's 11 in the morning on Saturday, July 1 by Thai time, so, happy Canada Day to all. The Virginia team arrived safely at the airport. I was sporting a Boyce shirt when we met them at the airport, which solicited a comment from the team's youth pastor, who knows Chris Maschke, and a Sunday school teacher at the church, who knows Aaron Coffey. They seem like solid people, but I've barely gotten to know them as my conviction that I can read warning signs at a sixth grade level was confirmed yesterday. I am sick, with a cold or something in that ballpark, running slight fever, slight achyness, etc. Thus I am confined here, at the N.S.C. Sport Hotel in Nakhon Sawan for a day on the Disabled List, hoping to be reactivated tomorrow.


At 11:15 AM , Blogger R. Lauren said...

Praying you'll feel better.


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