Sunday, June 25, 2006

489: Fortaste of Heaven

We returned to the "City of Variety" on Sunday, that being Pattaya, Thailand. There is variety in everything, from food, hotels, diversions, and prostitutes/venereal disease. Anything one could want and doesn't need is found there. Pattaya is a place of great darkness that needs to see the light of Christ, but to God's eternal praise, he has left a remnent in the city.

We went to Pattaya to worship at Jomtien Baptist Church. I've had the opportunity to get to know the pastor, Saeng, and his wife, Maliwan, during my time here, and it was a delight to be there for worship Sunday. In keeping with Pattaya's variety, many nationalities come to Pattaya to work, and many more to "vacation," but a good number was represented in the congregation, as we woshipped alongside of people of Thai, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Indian, Italian, and American descent. It's was kind of a foretaste of heaven, so many nationalities together in one place, worshipping the God who doesn't care about what nation one is from, but rather has redeemed people from every tribe tongue and nation.

The existence of Jomtien Baptist Church means that Pattaya indeed has hope.


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