Monday, July 17, 2006

489: The Last Chapter

Once again, I find myself in Bangkok, Thailand; though come to think of it, the last time I was here, I did not have time to blog. My flight to Hong Kong departs tomorrow morning and the hours are ticking away. In the story that is 489, this is the last chapter, though I hope to follow it with a few epilogues while and maybe a sequel. (I'm toying with the name "489: Redux." Whatever it ends up named, the premise is that I take some time to muse over the summer's events.)

I did the tourist thing this morning and visited the Grand Palace. It's a pretty nifty set up, as the palace itself is mesh between European and Thai architecture, and the various temples on the grounds (including Temple of the Emerald Buddha) demonstrate Thai, Indian, and Cambodian architecture. It's really hard to describe it, so I guess everyone will just have to wait for the pictures to get up on Facebook (and probably here), but suffice to say that I got to see the throne hall where the kings have been crowned, British style guards, a scale model of Cambodia's famed Ankor Wat (built in remembrance of the days that Thailand ruled there), and more.

The story thus far has been many things and through it all God has spoken to me, and shown me just a bit more of what He wants from me. I posted earlier that His actions have been earth-shattering and ordinary at the same time, something that seems fitting of the God who rules over all things, great and small alike. God willing, I'll be back in Arizona by the technical end of 18 July 2006, but whatever he has planned is fine by me.

He's the One Who writes the story.


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