Thursday, January 22, 2009


Tonight was my "pre-moving." Ben Gantt and Laura Robert's Community Group helped me box up books, DVDs, etc both at home and in my office, and then we moved the boxes and some light furniture over to my new abode in Shelby Park. Moving books is usually a pain but being surrounded by dear brothers and sisters made it great, honestly. There wasn't too much work to do (I'm dropping the heavy lifting on my Community Group this Tuesday, because I love them like that) and afterwards, we ate chili and just hung for a few hours. It was, quite simply, great. Christian Community is sweeter than honey.

I spend most of today in seclusion, preparing my place for tonight, yes, but trying to pray as I went. I definitely feel as if my prayers were lacking, but nevertheless, I was encouraged. As I sorted through desk drawers filled with old papers, old photos, and the like, I was reminded of how far God has brought me, and through what circumstances. I was reminded that the Lord is good, that he has been abundantly kind to me thus far, and he will continue to do until his kingdom comes.

We're reading through the Old Testament together at Sojourn. I really mesh with Jacob's honest prayer he prays just days before meeting with Esau. He knew that he was not worthy of the grace bestowed on him, but he knew that God had bestowed it on him. If it was given by grace, would it not continue by grace? It was. And it did. Likewise I know that the Lord is good to me. He is my father. I need not fear when I ask him for daily bread.


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