Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I've returned to the state that formed so much of my identity for so long, the great state of Arizona. It was only just recently that I became a legal resident of the Commonwealth, but the ties to here have been severed for some time now. My parents live here, my paternal relatives live here, many friends from high school are still here. Regardless, I've swapped sagebrush for bluegrass and I'm not turning back. I wish I could articulate my feelings about change, growth, and as my friend Michael Morgan put it, "experimenting with adulthood."

Tomorrow (by Arizona time) is Christmas Eve and provided it doesn't snow more, I will attend my parent's church Christmas Eve service, a service I've gone to for years and years and years. I will be reminded about how much things of change and how much some things haven't, but moreover, I want to be reminded of Jesus Christ and his Gospel.



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