Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Crushing Burden of Profundity

Another year has gone by, and yet again, I find that this blog has gathered cobwebs. It's not like I haven't had any grist for the proverbial mill, either. I wrote my last post on April 12, 2011. Seven days later, I went on a blind date that went rather well. Seven months to the day after that, I asked her to marry me. She said yes! And now, Lord willing, on June 3 of this year, Miss Katherine Elizabeth Cannava will become my wife.

So yes, lots of grist for the mill.

I could fill long posts with what I've learned about myself,  God, and the world over these past nine months. I could tell of things that have been done, good times that have been had, and ch-ch-changes that have occurred. I haven't written anything though. Time has certainly played a part in this. These past nine months have been, in a word, busy. (Two words: extremely busy.) Regardless, I think I know why I haven't written anything.

I have found myself crushed beneath the burden of profundity. It wasn't enough to think out loud, really. I wanted to think complete thoughts. I wanted to be right. I wanted to argue my position clearly and cogently.  Now, I realize that anything is better than nothing. I want to explore and think and grow. I want to write again.

I do realize that this has all the sincerity of a Krusty the Klown Comeback Special. I don't care. I'm back. Again.


At 12:19 PM , Anonymous Derek Miller said...

Welcome back, Paul! And congrats! I, too, share your desire to grow and write. Good encouragement about just writing anything! I look forward to what comes forth!


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