Thursday, April 27, 2006

Forthcoming from the Author

Curteousy of Jonathan "Biggz" Owens, I give you what will surely be a seminal work. You might want to stay tuned for another book of mine, Becoming Ticked Off with D.A. Carson, or what will surely change the world of the graphic novel, Dial "M" for Mohler.

Oh yeah. I'm that creative.


At 10:22 PM , Anonymous Jessica Cimato said...

Ahaha. That's awesome. Okay so um, hopefully you can excuse whatever crazy things I said tonight and the manner in which they were said. At Sunergos, Alicia helped me to realize that my two hours of sleep amounted to scattered thoughts and a short attention span. So forgive any of my all-over-the-place, irrelevant rambling. While Alicia found it amusing, I could see how anyone else would find it annoying.


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