Wednesday, June 21, 2006

489: Quick Hits

Just a few quick thoughts/comments.

I read the book of Esther this morning, and it was a real encouragement to see God's soverign hand orchestrate things even when His name was not spoken.

Happy Birthday to my dad, Rick Butterworth, on his 50th birthday (currently happening by American time) and to my brother, David Butterworth, for his 17th birthday (currently happening by Thai time).

Team USA faces a must win versus Ghana tonight. Whatever happens, you gotta love the FIFA World Cup. If we survive this match, we just have to face some team called "Brazil." So, no sweat, right?

Tonight I get to teach English to the Muslim Club at Burapha University, so I need to figure out what I'm doing within the framework of being open to last minute changes and complete changes of plan as the Spirit leads. I'm not very good at either.


At 11:57 AM , Blogger Bolo said...

I love taking advantage of the time difference/change when wishing folks a happy birthday...I certainly do my best to have it both ways ;)


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