Sunday, December 03, 2006

Disaster on a City: Layers

I'm not quite sure how to return from these things. My spirit longs to tell of how God sanctified me just a little bit more through the process, but my flesh craves approval or attention for merely doing what God had prepared for me to do.

We did a few days of a Bible study called Service and Secrecy, (published by IVP), while on the trip. I never made it to the secrecy part. Earlier this year, I was reading in a rather lackluster book on the concept of martyrdom, and as I read, I encountered one thought that would give me much food. The author stated that the concept of doing good deeds in secret did not mean that nobody knew what you did, because the Bible also says that we are to know people by their fruit and that the world will see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven. What then is the secrecy? From whom do we hid our good deeds?

From ourselves.

We hide them from ourselves.

There are layers and layers of thought and introspection that can be observed in our heads. For me, I struggle to glorify God with my life, and not steal that glory for myself. That said, I will attempt to tell the few stories I heard in my short time in the Gulf Coast, stories of disaster brought on a city. I hope to post them while they're still fresh. Look for the first one tomorrow.


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