Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Best Mistake Ever

The day began at 4:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time. That was wretched. We got to the tiny Montgomery airport to hop on our tiny little commuter jobber, only to discover that the flight was so delayed that we would probably miss our connection in Atlanta. That was irksome. We did indeed miss our plant to Phoenix, but seeing as it was Delta's fault, they bumped us up to first class for the next flight. That was freakin' sweet. They had real food, hot towels for your face, massive leather seats, flight attendents who actually treated you like a person, free headsets for the inflight movie, and more. The friendly skies got a bit friendlier today.

I am once again at home in Overgaard, Arizona. I will spend tomorrow packing, because, at some ungodly hour on Thursday, I'll head back down to Phoenix so I can hop another plane, this one to get to Louisville. (Sigh.) Flying can be fun, but flying this much is way to much of a good thing. Till then, I need to find my checks and my storage unit keys, as they are somewhere in the house.


At 11:40 PM , Blogger mike said...

Pablo...sorry to read about your grandfather. There's not much to say except I know somewhat of the pain you're feeling...I've lost all my grandparents. Also, I'm praying for you. Can't wait to see you next week.


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