Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quick Hits: Scott Thomas & A29 on the new Keller

Check this out.

"The issue that our contemporary churches face is a strong gravitational pull toward religion and morality and away from the mission of the lost, irreligious people that we are called to proclaim the gospel. Sermons are typically full of Christianese and religious platitudes. Have you ever heard someone try to explain the sport of Cricket to an American? It all sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher, "Whaa, whaa wicket, whaa." Our sermons have the same lack of comprehension to the irreligious attendees in our church when we preach only to the conservative, buttoned down, moralistic people that make our churches a safe, peaceful place."

Does that sting? (I am a recovering conservative button-down moralist and this is spot on. I am blessed week in and week out by a certain A29 church.) It's called the Gospel friends. It's all we need. Period.

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