Saturday, December 16, 2006

Even My Baby Sister's Gone Commercial

I was shopping at Berean Christian Store this evening, and as soon as I walked, I saw it. The front shelf facing the door bore the title of "New Voices/Emerging Church." Erwin McManus was in the mix with Don Miller, with Rob Bell and Brian McLaren thrown in. I had to shake my head at such commercialization, although perhaps its not much different than the Faculty Authors section at Southern's LifeWay Campus Store. McManus is something of a hero of mine (his An Unstopable Force and The Barbarian Way have been fairly influential in my spiritual formation), and Miller has pushed me toward Christ also, while Bell and McLaren have usually frustrated me more than fed me, but regardless of one's views regarding an "emerging church" or even Reformed theology, etc, our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness.

My great fear is that although we in the church seem to have honestly assessed that the church isn't quite in the best of health, if we do not turn to Christ and his gospel, we are lost. This Gospel is not Calvinism, experiential worship, Purpose-Driven methodology, or any other high horse on which we want to hop up. The Gospel is the work of Christ in saving us, and on this alone can we stand.


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Preach it, bother


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