Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fun with the Fam

I'm pretty tired right now, seeing as I've been up since 7:30 and hanging out with my relatives since 11:00 a.m. We had the family Christmas get-together today at my Aunt Karen's house, complete with her famous fudge and a cut-throat round of White Elephant. I scored Trivial Pursuit 80s Edition, so that should be fun. Michael and I are crashing at my Uncle David's house for the night, since he's taking us to the Cardinals/Broncos game tomorrow, complete with steaks at a tailgate party. We've been hanging out with his two kids, our cousins, for the past few hours, and basically, we've shot each other with Nerf guns and have been constructing a Lego crane that's two feet tall. We'll all be heading to bed soon, as we're heading to their church for a bit before the game. It will be interesting seeing that it's a PCUSA church, so I'm not really sure what to expect.

Tomorrow should be just as full as today.


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