Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Part

As a friend and I were working on our Greek homework the other night, I mentioned that there are a lot of unreached people groups left in the world, and he asked me how many there were and if it really was a big need. So, I showed him the poster I have that details the population of people groups that are not yet reached (i.e., are less than 2% Christian), and the numbers total over 3,000,000,000. I felt a twinge in my heart I as realized that there are so many of them and yet I do so little.

I was talking to a recent acquaintance today, and she mentioned how she uses her artistic gifts to decorate her and her husband's bedroom in the fashion/colors of various nations and how she uses the decor/paint scheme/etc to remind her to pray for the work in those countries. I felt a twinge in my heart as I realized that I have had a chance to serve in far reaches of the globe yet feel, pray, and weep so little for the nations.

May God forgive me and incline my heart to repent.


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