Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Tragic Pull of Two Worlds

Whenever John and I get into some sort of argument about, I don't know, stuff, he'll usually say something like, "At least I've finished puberty," to which I'll counter "At least I've hit my growth spurt." (Seriously.) But another barb I like to fling goes along the lines of "Does anybody even read your weblog?" And then he'll say something like "Yes, in fact, the site counter shows that..." Coincedently, that is the point I stop caring.

But all that to say this: Nobody actually reads this weblog, maybe because I never actually update this weblog, at least not often, and rarely these days with original material. My Xanga is where my posts end up, mostly because my membership in the Boyce Bible College group guarantees me readers, as opposed to here, where nobody reads it. I keep this blog because it's easy on the eyes and just feels "smarter," "hipper," "more intelligent." And this is the place where I will continue to post the smarter, hipper, and more intelligent copy, or at least double post it.

But never fear, the smart stuff will come soon, probably when classes don't consume my life.