Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lent, Again

Seven hours out from my church's Ash Wednesday service, I could almost say that once again, Lent has snuck up on me, necessitating another 40 day period sans sweets. This time, however, it feels different. I find in this season a sort of desperation. This is not about asceticism, which is good, because asceticism is useless for spiritual growth. Rather, this is about life and death discipleship. This is about taking the war to the enemy's door. I have met the enemy, and he is me.

I find myself learning lessons about my heart these days, painful lessons that show me just how bad it is. It's a painful thing to realize that I've systematically and systemically patted myself on the back for supposed righteousness, excusing and justifying a pride more layered than a delicious tiramisu. I read Herbert's "Lent," per my tradition, today, and I was surprised to find I wasn't just encouraged - I was convicted.

It's true, we cannot reach Christ's forti'th day;
Yet to go part of that religious way,
      Is better than to rest:
We cannot reach our Saviour's purity;
Yet are we bid, Be holy ev'n as he.
      In both, let's do our best.

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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Coming Soon to a YA Book Section Near You

While placing a delicious dish in the oven - well, it was tater tots, albeit Trader Joe's ones - I noticed that one of my roommate's baking stones was broken and a large piece of it was laying in the back of the oven. I thought, man, that shard must be flaming hot. (I had already preheated the oven.) I then realized that The Flaming Shard is the perfect title for a "paranormal romance" "book."

On second thought, maybe it should be a "saga." It could be set in a high school. Or a boarding school. Possibly in Oregon or British Columbia.  I think the flaming shard itself will be some powerful thing that some evil vampires want to get. Maybe they're fighting werewolves. Why don't orcs go to school? I digress.

Book one of The Flaming Shard will be The Dazzling Eyes. Book two will be The Perfect Hair. Book three will conclude the saga with The Burning Heart. As to further plot details, who needs that?!?

I'll let you know when the book signing at Borders is. First step: find a Borders.