Friday, May 21, 2010

Travelogues: Türkıye, thus far

I had forgotten how hard it is to type on international keyboards. I ı looks like İ i but twıtter.çom is not a websıte. So it is.

I cannot believe that it is Friday already.  Travelling was a long ordeal, to say the least, and I will say the least about it because I have better things to report than "srew Delta." But, while on the topic, screw Delta.  It took me a full minute to fınd and use the quotation mark key.  See, thıs is exactly what I´m talkıng about.

The trip has been fantastic thus far.  We have had a chance to meet many wonderful people, had a good conversation with members from an Islamic theology department at a Turkish university, and have had many delicious dishes.  Walking past structures that have stood for over a thousand years ıs pretty neat-o, too.  We left Istanbul this mornıng and are spending the night in Izmir, which some of you might recognize from its biblical name of Smyrna. Tomorrow, we will visit the ruins of Ephesus.  The thought of being in places that received letters from Jesus (Revelation) is fantastıc.  More thoughts on God´s word when I have more time to type.

Much love to all my friends, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ. Peace!