Monday, December 18, 2006

As Seen on the Jumbotron

Michael's and my Christmas gift from our Uncle David was tickets to the Cardinals/Broncos game in Phoenix today, so I got to attend my fourth NFL game, complete with tailgating and seats at the 40 yard line (albeit on the third level). It was by and large a trouncing for the Cardinals, although they had some exciting plays, including a fumble return for a touchdown. I had forgotten just how fast the game is when watched live, just how intense, just how fun. Michael and I also made the jumbotron when the Cardinal's mascot, "Big Red," ran up into our section of the stands. We and others crowded around and did the "idiotic yelling at the camera" thing, only Michael and I did so without the aid of alcohol. Although we left in disgust with a good portion of the fourth quarter left to go, it was still one heck of a Christmas gift, and a chance for three generations of Butterworths to bond (my grandfather, uncle, Michael and me). I also learned an interesting fact about my grandfather today. I learned that he grew up in Chicago, and as a young boy, went to Soldier Field to see the Chicago Cardinals play. Those same Cardinals would later make their way to Phoenix.


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