Thursday, December 28, 2006

Odds and Ends

The papers for Baptist History are nearly done, and tomorrow I will finish them. This will leave me with a few days here in town that I can actually devote in their entirely to my whims/wishes. I desperately need to get back into Greek practice, but that won't take more than an hour or so a day. The odd part though is that I'll have this free time but with no one to hang out with outside of my family.

All my old friends are out of town, but I guess that's okay. It's a subtle, quiet reminder that this is not where I belong, this is not where God wants me. I know so many people who have such ironclad connections with their homes and over the years I've known some whose ironclad connection has drug them back there, for better or worse. I feel kind of weird admitting this, but my parents and youngest brother David are essentially the last link to Heber-Overgaard, home since 2000. I still know some of the people at church, but even there people mostly recognize the resemblance between Dad and me, as opposed to actually knowing me. Such is growing up. It's a sobering thought.

On Sunday, January 7, I'll get to finally share with the church about my experience in Thailand. I have all of the evening service, so I need to start crafting Power Point slides and prepping a pre-service playlist, let alone planning what I need to say. A few days later, the long drive will begin, with the goal being to return to the Ville (dare I say return "home") in time to check into housing on Friday, and then go to Meg and Fitz's wedding on Saturday. The clock is ticking, though. I hope that I use the time wisely.


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