Monday, January 01, 2007

The New Year

Darrick Dowdy, my brother, and myself journeyed to Phoenix yesterday afternoon for the dual purpose of surprising our friends Amber and Shannon and not being bored in Heber during New Year's. It was a fun excursion that involved transporting a toliet (Darrick's dad is a plumber), going to a city park to play music, having someone yell "F**k N*gg**rs" at us at said park, having a park ranger lock us into the park, and having a much nicer ranger let us out. We went back to their apartment to countdown to midnight and then played a rousing game of "Apples to Apples," which I handily won. Today it's time to finish the Christmas shopping and hopefully make it to Pinetop, AZ today to see my ole' buddy Sean.

I love the New Year because of the deep spiritual significance it possesses when you get beyond the public drunkenness that it often includes. The days are new, just like our souls in the sight of God, and at home in Overgaard, there are still large patches of sparkling white snow on the ground, the way our scarlet sins are in the sight of the forgiving God, if we but flee to Christ for mercy.


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