Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Do Confess

The past few days have been rich. Good Friday gave me a fresh perspective on Christ's sacrifice, as the dazzling white dress Stacey Franklin wore and the vows she and Jon shared made Ephesians chapter five jump out to me. The wedding reception was a special time as well, as conversations with dear friends made the sweetness of the wedding cake seem bland.

Resurrection Sunday (commonly called Easter) was glorious as well. Despite getting off to a rough start (thanks to alarm clock malfunctions), the morning of worship at Springdale was phenomenal. Pastor David preached from Acts 17 and 1 Cor. 15, emphasizing the centrality of the resurrection of Jesus, and oh what delight and force was in his words. What glory is there in the resurrection! The afternoon was equally wonderful, as I was blessed with the opportunity to spend time at the home of Mike and Amy Hilliard, and fellowship with them and other friends.

I spent today with my dear friend and future roommate, Josh Pigg. As we drove around Louisville doing errands, we listened primarily to Red Mountain Church's album Depth of Mercy, and we kept coming back to their rendition of Derek Webb's song "Wedding Dress." The song reminded me over and over again that on my own, as a natural man, I am nothing short of and in no way different from a whore. Oh how I seek the things of this world and not the Kingdom of Christ! Oh how I put emphasis where it should not be, how I let my sin tangle me up.

I know the depth of my sin, but it is amazing to see things come full circle to Good Friday. Just as Jon overflows with love for Stacey, so Jesus overflows with love for me, and though I have fled from him time and time again, yet does he pursue me. It is nothing short of amazing, that I, though an adulterous whore, have been shown the love of God. In this reality, the meaning of Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, and every new day I live are bound together, for I have been saved, am being saved, and will be saved.

Like I said, these past few days have been rich


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